Back to the Garden

1. Winter wind's a callin'

Frost is on the hills

The corn stalks stand like soldiers

Coming home from the battlefields

All the leaves have fallen

There's nothing more to hide

Just another season passing

Movin’ on to the other side


2. We moved out from the city

Bought a country house instead

And lay each night in candlelight

On a cedar-posted bed

We held out for the miracles

Always ready for the ride

That comes from songs of whippoorwills

Or the surge of the rising tide


3. They tell me I'm too old now

Can't take care of myself

Gonna ship me to the county home

Gonna put me on the shelf

But I guess that just don't matter 

Cause we can dance the night away

Or walk along in fields of snow

When my memories start to play


Take me back to the garden

Where the yellow lillies grow

Take me back to the hillsides

Where we walked in winter snow

Take me back to the nights

We danced beneath the harvest moon

And tell her I'll be coming on home soon