Child of the Mountains

1. When I see it risin’

Callin’ out the new day

Easin' o'er the mountains

It stops me on my way

But I got no time to linger

I work from sun to sun

There's a world of obligations

Before the day is done

2. This life it is a hard one

And you live by how you choose

You aim to pick a winner

It's a dark day when you lose

So I found myself a woman

Sweet singin’ as a mournin’ dove

'Cause there ain't much room for error

In the livin' or the love


3. We live here in a cabin

We built with our own hands

We cleared our way to heaven

When we cleared this piece of land

We work it well together

We face life just the same

Side by side in clear blue skies

Or in the wind and rain


4. I know I won't live forever

Sometimes I wish I could

You can only find eternal rest

When you've walked the path you should

So I'll stay here in the mountains 

And live the mountain way

'Til my eyes last see the sun

A callin’ out the day

Chorus (sing twice, using second ending on the repeat)

I'm a child of the mountains

There's wood smoke in the air

I'm a child of the mountains

The answer to a poor man's prayer

I'm a child of the mountains

Ah the music of a mountain stream

I'm a child of the mountain

Livin' in a mountain dream

(Chorus ending during repeat)

I'm a child of the mountains

Full moon in a mountain sky

I'll be a child of the mountains

Until the day I die