Hannah McCoy

1. I grew up near the mountains

South of West Virginia

In a valley of the promised land

Where we lived in the country way

I fell in love with a mountain girl

When I was a foothills boy

But my friends all said that I'd best take care

Cause her name was Hannah McCoy

2. I asked if she would court me

While the fire inside me stirred

She said she'd take it kindly

If her Papa gave the word

I climbed the rocky pathway

Alongside the rippling stream 

That led me to the cabin

Where the flickering firelight gleamed

3. She brought me through the front door

And I stood before her pap

He sat there looking on to me

With a shotgun in his lap

He asked me what my Daddy did

"I'm a farmer's son," I said

Then he turned toward the cracklin' fire

And gave a few nods of his head

4. Said he didn't know much about farmin'

Since he was a mountain man 

But it seemed to be a goodly life 

Just livin' it off the land

He looked back in my direction

It was surely none too soon

And he told me to come for dinnertime

This very next Sunday noon

5. I got myself my best-dress clothes

And I shined my Sunday shoes

I picked some flowers from the fields

White lace and Black-eyed Sues

I climbed back up the mountain

I had never known such fear

But it  made me strong to keep movin' on

When the thoughts of her came near

6. When I stepped into the clearing 

All the folks were dressed in black

Some other man from the Hatfield Clan

Had shot my Hannah in the back

I never really got to know her

I never really took a side

It was a cold and lonesome feeling

On the day my Hannah died