Hills of Tennessee

1. Back in the hills of Tennessee

There's a little boy

who looks just like me

His mama and his sister

I have not seen

For about a year or more

I killed a man up on Wallens' Ridge

But like they say

that's water beneath the bridge

Been on the run

since the world turned mean

And I closed that open door


2. Back in the hills of Tennessee

There's a young man 

and he looks like me

His mama died and his sister wed

I could have given her away

I heard a voice

in the dark of night

I phoned my boy

seemed like the time was right

"My mama loved you."

is what he said

"You know we've missed you everyday"


3. Back in the hills of Tennessee

There's a old man 

and that man is me

I had to go back

just to settle the score

From a life of long ago

My boy, he visits

and he brings my mail

Here where I'm staying

at the County Jail

These cold steel bars

are like an open door

Where the winds of time can blow


I do believe

that time's a healer

Yes it will mend

an open wound

But will it be

my truth revealer

When I ask the walls

"What should I do?"