Taking Me Home


Now I know

why she's living in the mountains

Yes I know

why he's living at the sea

'Cause they've given me

a taste of life's fountain

Ah they're taking me home

well they're taking me home

and bringing home to me

1. There was a woman who came down

from the state of Montana

Who could not stay too long away

from her Rocky Mountain streams

So she took me up there to her place

of the wild wood calling

Now my heart is forever bound 

to a Rocky Mountain dream


2. I have a friend that I have known

since the days of my childhood

Who always wanted to live

down by the sea

So he could hear that music made

by the waves on the shoreline

Ah now he lives there

and he hears it all eternally


3. I have spent just a little bit of time

in the evergreen mountains 

And I have smelled the tidal air

from the salty sea

Oh I could not choose

to live at one without the other

Ah they're in my soul

and I truly know what they mean to me