Wasted Time


Wasted Time

is a mistress of madness

When the fountain stops flowing 

and the river runs dry

And I know I've seen her

from a lifetime of worry

That long empty staring

I see in my daddy's / mama's / weary eyes

1. My dad's been an old man

since the day I was born

From the seasons of planting

when the whole crop turned dry

Now he sits on the front porch

he's just a rocking chair farmer

No plans for tomorrow 

no reason to try


2. My mama stood watching

on a clear Sunday morning

For the man who had gone away

a few years before

I tried to tell her

that the church bell was calling 

But all that she was hearing

was that slamming of the door


3. When I was a young man

I took to the road

With a guitar beside me

and a song in my mind

Now the bar rooms have faded

for a Honky Tonk dreamer

With his eyes on the bright lights

that he never could find