I Wish I Had a Band

1. The last time that I saw him

He was a lost and lonely traveler

Walking on the hard rails

Not knowing where to go

He's camped out in a freighter

Ah he's living next to nowhere

Searching for some answers

Where the distance whistles blow


2. When he was a little younger

And it was time to earn a dollar

He tried to make his own way

In the wood-working trade

But he heard that lonely whistle

Coming up over the valleys

Someday he'd have to follow

The song that it played


3. When he was a little older

Ah he could not fight the yearning

Living in the main stream

Was wearing down his soul

He'd tried to build some bridges

Oh he'd tried to hold the fortress

But he only found his freedom

When those wheels began to roll



When  I hear that lonely whistle

Coming up over the valleys

Anywhere that song is playing

I know he's rolling away


Freight train rider 

Are you listening to the music

Of the steel wheels turning

On these endless tracks

Freight train rider

Are you following the calling

Once you get on board

You can never look back